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The inexpensive protection* for tenants from Germany's top rental experts.

Competent advice from legal experts

Legal expenses insurance for legal cases

Starting from 3 Euro / month

*An offer from ‘Verein für Mieterrechte e.V’. and LexFox GmbH.

The online legal protection for rental issues

Have you received a rent increase? You have defects in your apartment? No matter what your rental problem is - with legal protection, you are always protected, well informed and, together with, you set an example against the rental madness! The membership offers much more than the traditional tenants' association. You benefit from the latest legal technology "made in Berlin", but you don't have to do without personal support.

How the service works

Your advantages:

Expert advice
on rental issues

Do you have questions about a rental problem? Our tenancy law experts* have the answer. Simply arrange a telephone appointment online with Our experts* will call you back!

Legal protection insurance
for legal cases in court

With the KOMFORT and PREMIUM membership you receive, in addition to extrajudicial protection, legal protection insurance for legal disputes. This provides you with all-round protection in all rental matters.

Only twelve months term

Unlike most legal-
protection insurance, tenants' associations and the Mieterengel, the term of the tenant protection is only twelve months. Without notice, the contract is automatically extended by a further year.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose a membership plan

You decide how comprehensive the rental protection should be.

2. Ask a rental question

Simply arrange a telephone appointment and a expert* will call you back

3. Solve rental problem

Either solves your problem directly by telephone or the contract lawyers determine a strategy and represent you.

Our membership plans*

Discount on

Advice by telephone from legal experts

Membership in Association for Tenant Rights

return call by a lawyer

Judicial legal protection
(three months waiting period)

Discontinuation of the processing fee (50 Euro)
for legal protection


3 Euro/month

5 %


6 Euro/month

10 %


9 Euro/month

15 %


3 Euro/month

Telefonische Beratung durch Rechtsexpert*innen

Mitgliedschaft im
Verein für Mieterrechte

5 % Rabatt auf


6 Euro/month

Telefonische Beratung durch Rechtsexpert*innen

Rückruf durch eine*n Rechtsanwält*in

Mitgliedschaft im
Verein für Mieterrechte

Rechtsschutzversicherung als
gerichtlicher Rechtsschutz

10 % Rabatt auf


9 Euro/month

Telefonische Beratung durch Rechtsexpert*innen

Rückruf durch eine*n Rechtsanwält*in

Rechtsschutzversicherung als
gerichtlicher Rechtsschutz

Wegfall des Selbstbehalts
bei Rechtsschutz

Mitgliedschaft im
Verein für Mieterrechte

15 % Rabatt auf

*The contract period is twelve months. The notice period is one month to the end of the contract period. Without notice, the contract is automatically renewed for a further year. The contract can be cancelled easily by sending an informal e-mail to

Our customers say:

Frequently asked questions

Which plan is the right one for me?

Depending on how well you want to insure yourself, one of the three member plans (BASIC, COMFORT or PREMIUM) is right for you. Is it enough for you to always have a competent contact person at your side to advise you on rental issues? Then the BASIS rate is the right choice for you. But would you also like to protect yourself in case of legal disputes? Then the tariffs COMFORT and PREMIUM are the better option for you. Here you also receive legal expenses insurance that protects you in the event of future rental disputes. In the PREMIUM tariff even without a processing fee.

I just have a little rent problem. Is a membership still an option for me?

Definitely! Because the affordable BASIC plan only costs you three euros per month and offers you legal advice by phone from our rent experts* in the association. Often a first consultation with an expert can already clarify the rental question.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can easily and quickly cancel your membership by e-mail. Simply send us an informal e-mail to with your membership number. A notice period of one month must be complied with for cancellation at the end of the contract. Example: Contract expiration May 5th: The cancellation must be made by April 10th at the latest.

My case is already in court. Is the rent protection still interesting for me?

The court legal expenses insurance of the KOMFORT and PREMIUM memberships have the usual waiting period of three months. So if you already have a case in court and decide to take a membership, the insurance does not apply to the case.

Can I change my plan during my membership?

You can change to a higher plan at any time during your current membership. Changing from a higher to a lower plan is only possible after the end of the membership period (twelve months).

How can I arrange a telephone consultation?

Members can register for a telephone consultation appointment using the online form.

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