Have you received a rent increase letter?

  1. Don’t sign the rent increase approval and don’t pay the new rent
  2. Provide information about the rent increase notification and your apartment.
  3. We check if the rent increase is lawful and stop it if it isn’t.
  4. Our promise: You only pay when we are successful!
„I couldn't imagine that my rent increase was justified.“
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„My property management berely reacted to my E-Mails or calls.“
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„I didn't know the rights that tenants have in Germany.“
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How halting a rent increase works:

Enter information about your rent increase

Fill out our online survey tool for rent increase. Our contract lawyers will then examine your survey and the rent increase notification.

Receive a Schutzbrief (protection letter)

One of our contract lawyers will fully or partially reject the rent increase. If the landlord goes to court, the lawyer will represent you and we will cover the costs.

Pay lawful/fair rent

After the case been settled either out of court or in court, you can continue to pay your old rent.

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