Enforcing Berlin’s ‘Mietendeckel’!

wenigermiete.de is supporting you in enforcing your newly acquired rights. Either we enforce the rent cap for you, or you act on your own and use the claim letter of the wenigermiete.de ‘Verein für Mieterrechte e.V.’ (wenigermiete.de’s association for tenant's right)

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„My landlord barely reacted to my e-mails and phone calls.“
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„It was important to me to do something at all and to fight back. To finally stand up to them.“
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„I had no idea of the rights tenants have in Germany.“
Testimonial für wenigermiete.de

This is how wenigermiete is helping you to enforce the 'Mietendeckel' (rent cap):

Calculate your rent cap using the 'Mietendeckel-calculator'

Use our questionnaire and find out whether you pay more that allowed according to Berlin's rent cap.

wenigemiete.de is at your site

Either wenigermiete.de enforce the 'Mietendeckel' (rent cap) for you or you choose our free legally valid letter from our wenigermiete.de association for tenant rights 'Verein für Mieterrechte e.V.'.

Pay rent in accordance with the rent cap

We will come to an agreement with your landlord or you send the letter independently to your landlord to enforce your rights.

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