With us people can enforce their rights - be part of the LegalTech Revolution!

We are looking for passionate rethinkers and unconventional thinkers who want to help people to exercise their rights. Simple, fast and online - without any cost risk. Are you on board?

Our Vision

We want all people to be able to enforce their rights as consumers - regardless of whether they can afford a lawyer or how small the claim might be.

As a leading LegalTech company, we are building the first online platform that makes law enforcement as easy and risk-free as ordering a pizza: Click & Claim.

How we use technology

An initial consultation with a lawyer costs up to 200 euros. In comparison, our technology automatically analyzes the information provided by the customer and calculates virtually free of charge whether a claim is valid and how good the chances of success are.

But our software goes even further: it enables lawyers to draft legal letters in minutes that would otherwise take many hours. This approach enables us to charge our clients only if we are successful for them.

Using the example of the rent control (Mietpreisbremse), this means in concrete terms: Only if we really do reduce the rent, do our customers pay a fee. If we are not successful, our customers do not have to pay anything.

What we offer you

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With us, you can rock out right away: Try out your ideas, celebrate success or fall down and get up again.

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Together, our management team has gathered many decades of experience in leading positions in law firms, successful start-ups and leading management consultancies.

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We are supported by renowned investors with a long-term horizon. Your job is safe with us.

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With our Urban Sports Club membership M you also stay physically fit.

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In addition to regular team lunches and free drinks, the famous mandatory startup fruit basket is also a must.

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With us you can contribute to empower people to exercise their rights.

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