About us

Guardians of tenants’ rights

Our team of Berlin-based legal experts work to ensure that tenants in the capital and throughout Germany are claiming their rights to fair rental prices and living conditions. wenigermiete.de is a subsidiary company of Mietright GmbH (now LexFox GmbH), founded in 2016.

Why wenigermiete.de?

Apartment rental is at the centre of life for millions of families in Germany. Tenants’ rights are actually strongly protected under German law, where tenants and landlords are seen as equal partners in a contract. Yet, tenants often do not know the extent of their rights nor do they know how they can enforce them. This is something that many landlords are taking advantage of. This is where we can help. wenigermiete.de will work to defend your rights. Where we see criminal or unjust activity, we’ll take landlords to court and win you back what you legally deserve. We’ll show you your rights and how to protect them. We promise: as a client, you only pay if we’re successful. If we’re not, you don’t pay anything. Our growing team of interdisciplinary experts has already handled the claims of more than a thousand tenants.



How does wenigermiete.de work?

We’re an innovative Legal Tech company that uses modern technology, backed by experienced lawyers and IT experts, to handle cases quickly, efficiently and in a customer-friendly manner. All you have to do is fill out our online questionnaire, send us contract information and we’ll do the rest. We enforce legal claims against landlords on your behalf. A legal service provider, we operate under the German Legal Services Act with the supervision of the Berlin Supreme Court. If claims come to court, we will cover the costs and provide you with one of our contract lawyers at our expense. Our wenigermiete.de promise: you only pay if we’re successful. You can find clear information about our service fees here.

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